About Stay Alert Security Services LLC

Armed & Unarmed Security Guards in Bowie, Maryland

Stay Alert Security Services LLC is a DOD certified and minority-owned and operated Security Guard company with a team of the best talent to ensure your business needs are met day and night. Our outstanding management team consists of seasoned officers, both retired and active with over 50+ years of experience collectively that specialize in various areas of policing and security surveillance to handle all volumes of assignments. Stay Alert Security Services LLC strongly believes in total customer satisfaction!

All sites will be secured with guards and a rolling supervisor. A rolling supervisor ensures that our guards are always on task and you are getting the best secured service you require.

Where do you put your trust?
Nothing matters more than keeping you, your business, and your employees protected. That's a large responsibility. With more than 42 years in the law enforcement industry, we know what it takes to protect your assets and employees.

Are you ever safe enough?
No one ever expects bad things to happen - it always happens to the other business. Except when it doesn't. At Stay Alert Security Services LLC we do everything needed to ensure the quality of protection your business or organization receives is of the highest caliber.